Wayfarers Cloud 9 General Luna Siargao Island

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we check your room availability and prices and how do we book?

For our most competitively priced room rates one can check our availability, prices and book online here on our website, we can accept payment by credit/debit card or by Philippines domestic bank transfer, all card payments are processed via PayPal.

Can we pay upon arrival and/or just pay a deposit?

Unfortunately no, there are too many less than honourable people in this world and too many times previously we have taken people at their word and been left with empty rooms, we require a 100% payment at the time of booking.

Do you provide extra beds or accommodate extra persons?

No, as per our terms and conditions at the time of booking our maximum room occupancies are as stated and no additional persons shall be accepted, our accommodations were specifically designed to accommodate the occupancies as stated and to accommodate extra persons we would have needed to design, build and pay overheads for larger rooms whereas everybody would need to pay more for the minority that expect to squeeze additional persons in to a designated double or quadruple room.

What are your check-in and check-out times, can we ask for an early check-in or a late check-out?

Our check-in times are 1200 hours (noon) until 1700 hours, our latest check-out time is 1200 hours (noon). We can accommodate early check-ins subject to room availability but we need to be reasonable about this, we have had guests previously expecting to check-in as early as perhaps 0600 hours when clearly they should have booked an additional night to accommodate such an early check-in, any early or after 1700 hours check-ins need to be by prior arrangement. We cannot accommodate late check-outs as we need to get the room(s) cleaned and serviced to accept incoming guests but we may provide an area where bags etc. may be stored during an afternoon.

Do your rooms have private bathrooms?

Yes, all our rooms are en-suite with a toilet, a hot and cold shower and a wash basin.

Do you offer longer-term stay discounts or monthly rates?

No, one can check our availability and prices here on our website to recognise that we already offer discounted 'Promo' rates, for our standard of accommodation we offer perhaps the most competitive room rates in Cloud 9 and General Luna and it would not be a shrewd business practice to offer discounts upon discounts when we are as heavily occupied as we are, we only offer nightly room rates.

Do you provide free breakfasts?

For our room rates, no! There is no such thing as a free breakfast, any breakfast is included in an exaggerated room rate, to suggest that it is free is merely a marketing untruth, we prefer to keep life simple whereas the guest(s) pay only for their room on a 'room only' basis and then they have the choice of when and where they may choose to eat.

Do you have a kitchen we can use, can we use your utensils, what about free drinking water?

No, no and no, our rooms are competitively priced on a 'room only basis, we do not have a kitchen nor utensils available for guest use and drinking water can be bought for as little as perhaps one peso per litre.

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